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MnChemical is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals and industrial additives and acts as a critical link between global suppliers and niche end markets

Manganese is a chemical element with the atomic number twelve (12) and chemical symbol Mn. It is an alkaline earth mineral, the eighth in abundancy in the Earth’s crust (2% by mass) and the ninth overall in the universe. Its name comes from the area of Magnesia in Thessaly.

Manganese Dioxide is formed through chemical treatment, but can also be found in nature.

Why should you buy the Manganese Oxide from Mnchemical Georgia?

Because quality, price and reliability matters and we know it!


We have:

Manganese Oxide

  • Quality raw products - According to international experts and researchers the manganese deposits of Georgia are distinguished by high quality of ore.

  • Many years of experience in global distribution - With the help of our team, we can easily find the most acceptable way of transportation according to the need, both by land and by sea

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