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Manganese Dioxide MnO2 (75-80%)



Manganese Dioxide (MnO2)

Iron (Fe)

Silica  (SiO2%)


Screen analysis -0.043mm:



1.5% Max

4% Max

1% Max

80% min

Manganese Dioxide is an essential ingredient for the manufacturing of dry cells, it is also used for decolorizing the greenish tinge in glass, ceramics, pigments, paints, and also in water treatment plant where this granular MnO2 is used to remove iron from the water. Granular MnO2 is primarily used for water treatment and purification to remove iron from the water.

The Most Trusted Supplier Of The Products

Quality, sustainable, readily available

  • Global distribution & regional salesforce

  • Consistent quality and purity leader across product groups

    • Multiple quality management certifications

    • Agrochemical and animal feed certifications + Organic use certifications

    • Potable water certifications

  • Sustainable manganese chemical supplier with lower CO2 emissions per unit MT of product produced than competitors

  • Strong companywide continuous improvement culture

  • Security of raw materials

    • Multiple production sites local to critical end-markets

    • Raw material expertise with global relationships and backup manganese sources

We use our application expertise to find the optimal product solution for your specific needs

  • Product portfolio designed to satisfy the needs of each application from Agriculture, to Electronics, or Brick 

  • Widest product range of manganese chemicals from engineered and blended products to high performance, ultra-pure, unique products

  • Technical expertise, innovation, and analytical capabilities

  • Deep customer intimacy and application expertise

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